Tuesday, April 17, 2012

170412 : Lavish wedding

'Lavish wedding where much money is splashed, extravagance is clear, religious rules are blatantly disregarded, the poor are not invited and people forget that it is meant to be sacred union and a gift of the Almighty, cannot bear much blessings and can even return to haunt the families later on. 

The most blessed of all weddings are those full of simplicity where religious rules are given prime importance and the whole function considered a spiritually filled celebration of a sacred gift of the Almighty.

The type of seed sown is determined by the type of wedding we have, How can we expect to reap beneficial fruit when we chose to sow the seeds of cactus?

The sad reality is that people incur debts to hire lavish venues in order to live up to the Jones. They then suffer paying back whilst the food has long been digested, the function outdone by another and at times the divorce already taken place. 

Remember, you can never achieve pleasure through the displeasure of the Owner of eternal Pleasure.

The Almighty, who gave us this day of happiness will indeed be unhappy if we choose to express our happiness through sin.

Let us seriously take heed for the future and repent for what has passed by.'

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Mawar Fadzil said...

Mashallah intotally agree!! Lavish and expensive weddings are not only wasteful and indulgent, but it also puts people off from getting married!

picairin said...

Agree... InsyaALLAH moderation always the best...=D