Wednesday, November 30, 2011

301111: wordless Wednesday [us!]

301111: telling the truth


Last night I just told mak about our planning to get engage
actually I planned to tell mak about this after we confirm the engagement date
but last night my fiance to be text me

"Assalamualaikum. Dah makan? Ibu n abah dah ada 2 tarikh utk majlis tunang, raya cina 23 jan n 5 Feb maulud nabi. A.In ada tarikh lain ke? Weekend ni baru nak bincang dengan tok tarikh nak p merisik n bincang dgn parents pikah bila nak bertunang." (he forwarded sms from his ibu)

"erk..ha999" (i replied)

seriously I suddenly feel like "it is unbelievable"
then mau tak mau
I've to tell mak about this
nak call tak berani
sms ja
type cancel type cancel
finally 291111 at 10.10pm
I let the cat out of the bag


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

291111: mission implemented (survey)

every weekend I have a mission to accomplish
ya we just can spend time together on weekend only
and this weekend our mission is 
finding suitable color for my engagement and akad nikah attire
still pening-pening lalat which colours should i choose
the darker one or lighter one 
lastly i ask the sales girl to give me sample of both colours
do not hesitate ya to ask for the sample
you have authority to choose the best
dont let them push you until you make a wrong decision
to play safe
dont bring large amount of money 
if you just want to make a survey

i have make up my mind
i choose dark brown for my engagement attire
and creamy for my akad nikah
next week we will fly to Mars
to give the color sample to his uncle
he will buy us the textile
cause as a designer he will get a special price 
so for budget b2b and g2b like us
surely we have to take this opportunity to cut our cost
you must be wondering
why dont we go there with his uncle?
kan?? kan??
coz the price will not be the same if we are there

owh ya
i think i want to share the serpihan kain here
where is my camera.???
here it is
ok..lets have a look...

ok dop?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

261111 : engagement attire (survey)

attention please.!!!
Jakel have sales right now
until 3rd of January if I'm not mistaken
for those who just received ur November salary 
cepat.!!! cepat.!!!
go to nearest jakel store
before they are out of stock

I just come back from Jakel Masjid India
so rambang mata laaaa
i start confusing to choose colour for my tunang attire
so many colours successfully attract my eyes
otak seminit betol!

Friday, November 25, 2011

251111 : be aware!

my 'aunt to be' told me
"be careful
when u decide to book anything
in wedding fair
she has 2 customers
who have been cheated 
riban-riban juga"
be careful kay!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

241111: engagement attire (research)

last weekend we went to Mars
met my uncle and aunt to be
actually pak teh (his uncle) is a fashion designer
we met him to get ideas about my outfit for engagement and akad nikah
and also to know how many RM should we spend for this la
actually my family have tradition
giving kain for akad nikah ceremony as engagement's dowry
so we have to decide how long kain needed 
and type of kain
at first pak teh gave us a lecture about type of kain
showed me his design for tunang+nikah+kawen
explained design that i can choose
and how many kain needed for the design
then he interviewed me to know my rough plan for my engagement event
and also my plan for akad nikah attire
lastly we make a calculation
after meeting him
i change my mind and came out with better idea for my outfit for both engagement and akad nikah 

before this i want peach for my engagement outfit
but now i decided to choose this colour

the brown colour as Datin Nor Aliah Lee's dress in this cover magazine

before this i want to make simple baju kurung with pearl bead 
but now i want modern baju kurung with lace 

i want simple + modern baju kurung like this

and for change...i want lacey tudung like picture below...

As a conclusion,
I need 3 types of kain:
1. chiffon (for engagement+akad nikah)
2. lace (engagement only)
3. lining (engagement only)

jom survey kain! =b

241111: Photographer

I'll go through an engagement event insyaALLAH only once in a life time
so I hope I could capture every single moment during the historic day
I have very limited budget to hire a professional photographer
who can give me pictures from different angle
plus extra cantekkss editing 
the cheapest way to make sure i have at least a photo 
that can remind me about this special day is...
i will ask my best friend to be my photographer
ok la kan?
atleast i only have to spend money for printing
hahahahaha (gelak jahat)
wanna see her skill?
lets cuci mata bersama-sama

boleh la kan?
apa yang penting??
save budget!!!
But my problem now.. 
She might not be here on the engagement day
coz she will be back to Aussie this coming January
so I need someone else to replace her..
any volunteer???
dslr will be provided

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

231111 : the lord of the ring

I'm not a jewellery crazy
so we just go to goldsmith shop
and choose a pattern which look good around my finger
then ask him to make the design using 916 gold
trying few size of rings
lastly decided my ring size is 11
not so loose and not so fit
so so laaaa...=P
the goldsmith's wife said my size is a baby size
ada unsur hyperbola di situ (-.-")
but now I'm afraid when my friends told me last last nite 
that her friend cant wear her merisik ring anymore coz her finger size increase
err... jari pun boleh makin gemuk ya?
my future fiance have paid RM50 for the ring
the balance will be paid later
cant wait to have my own engagement ring

my engagement checklist
1. engagement outfit
2. ring (checked!)
3. hantaran 
4. kenduri
5. make up
6. photographer
7. invitation card

231111: engagement colour theme


the chosen 1 will be

the combination looking so canteks here
but a wrong combination of the tone of the colors 
could make it become so buruksss 
i have seen so many buruksss result before
I am worrrrrrying
but i'll take it as a challenge 
you can do it
insyaALLAH boleh!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

221111: 1st step is an ENGAGEMENT

my 1st step to live in the earth with him is...
surely we need to prepare for an engagement
engagement for me is a verbal agreement
his family and mine approve our proposal to be a husband and wife
the event is not as big as wedding
but there are still lots of obstacles
for us the problems are MONEY and TIME

part time master students+working as research assistant are not easy
at this moment i have to prepare two research proposals
so.. I must simplify everything before my brain explode

I've prepared a checklist for my engagement event
although the date was not decide yet

my engagement checklist
1. engagement outfit
2. ring
3. hantaran
4. kenduri
5. make up
6. photographer
7. invitation card

will 'checked' it one by one in the next, next and next posts insyaALLAH~

221111 : launching

i am a venus who meeting a mars in the earth...
and we are planning to live in the earth together...
now we are busy preparing physically and mentally...
before being a hubby and wife...
and this blog will be my log book..
about my expedition to a new strange planet...