Monday, July 16, 2012

160712: The engagement's photobook

Actually, I have made 5 auto posts for this week. So many things to share here but I dont want all the post out on the same day and time. Alhamdulillah today (I write this post on 150712), we have been engaged for six months. As I mentioned before, I just redeemed the engagement's photobook last few weeks. Alhamdulillah I have received the book last Wednesday. Unhappy with some unclear photos. I know this is not Pixajoy's fault. The photos already blur and I forgot to edit them to make them sharp. Furthermore, my best friend cannot send me photos from her Dslr before she fly back to Aussie and the doctor to be is so busy all the time. hehe. So i have limited choice. Plus so many tragedy happened (laptop getting old, hang this and that).  By the way, I still like the result. Not only me, my mom keep khatam this photobook over and over again. hehe. Wanna share some of the hasil tangan here. ^^

 The cover

 First page : The handmade invitation card

The memorable moment

Mr Mars & Miss Venus

My lovely pinky girlfriends

Total Lost for photobook: RM78
OP of the day: Shazwani Shufni, Khadijah Ismail & Pak Long my fiance (free of charge)
Photobook editor: Miss Venus (I, me and myself sdn bhd)

Cant wait to edit the wedding photobook. haha. =D


puan.mila said...

cantik photobook awk..bla la nk buat jgk ni..

anaztasias nora aira said...

doily ke tu? cantik !!

picairin said...

Puan mila >> cepat la buat =)

picairin said...

Nora > invitation card tu ka? design doily ja.saya edit pakai adobe photoshop and print atas kertas putih.saya tak jumpa doily macam gitu kat Malaysia.Itu pun saya jumpa yang oversea punya website.Saya copy and jadikan background card saya. ^^

Anonymous said...

cantik photobook ni. Bole saya tau btol ke rm78 coz saya bru je wat photobook...RM399 utk 40 pages (act 20 pages dpn belakang)

picairin said...

Anon> Yup.. RM78.. 40 pages.. 20 pages depan belakang jugak.. maybe awak punya saiz bigger kot.. kejap saya cari link groupon yg saya beli tu kay.. =)

ini dia

Saya ambil yg medium size.=)

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot dear. size same as yours. Saiz A4 la kan.... You are so lucky dear. Jauh beza RM399 dgn RM78.

picairin said...

Yup A4..Alhamdulillah. Ur welcome dear =)