Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creative by Lynda promo

Attention please!

Creative by Lynda is making a special promotion right now!!
Grab it quickly!!

This beautiful and unique DIY invitation card only cost you RM1.50 per pc
Berbaloi baloi

or contact them creativebylynda[at]

Oh ya! Creative by Lynda also wanna give you 

500 pieces white paperbag favors (decoration only)
10 pieces of VIP favors
1pcs of exclusive guestbook with frame
A handbouquet

But you must help them spread the words la
To know how?


Rahmah said...

cik mah join jg...gud luck...

picairin said...

Same goes to u too cik mah.. all the best ^^

Nn said...

gudluck. sy sokong dr tepi ok!

picairin said...

TQ Nn.. kalu jatuh tahan tau..hee