Friday, July 20, 2012

200712: The Wedding Card

Last Saturday, Mr Mars send me 300 pieces of our wedding cards. I've already printed 400 pieces by myself. So, total cards are 700 pieces. Millions thanks to my FFIL for sponsoring the cards. Thank you very much. May ALLAH bless you. =) Thinking of buying another photobook for wedding. So, that I can give that to my family to be.

The simple wedding card sponsored by my FFIL

Today, officially, I would like to invite all my friends here, who read my blog to my wedding on 23rd August 2012. =) Jemputlah datang ya..^^


ciksusu said...

tahniah :)
hope semuanye lancar je k ;)

Dell said...

Nak kad jugak boleh ?

picairin said...

Ameen~ Thanks cik susu =)

picairin said...

Dell.. meh address.. heee

BIE said...

oh.. dah xlama lagi.. hope evrything goes well ya dear.!

picairin said...

Ameen~ InsyaALLAH Bie =)