Wednesday, November 23, 2011

231111 : the lord of the ring

I'm not a jewellery crazy
so we just go to goldsmith shop
and choose a pattern which look good around my finger
then ask him to make the design using 916 gold
trying few size of rings
lastly decided my ring size is 11
not so loose and not so fit
so so laaaa...=P
the goldsmith's wife said my size is a baby size
ada unsur hyperbola di situ (-.-")
but now I'm afraid when my friends told me last last nite 
that her friend cant wear her merisik ring anymore coz her finger size increase
err... jari pun boleh makin gemuk ya?
my future fiance have paid RM50 for the ring
the balance will be paid later
cant wait to have my own engagement ring

my engagement checklist
1. engagement outfit
2. ring (checked!)
3. hantaran 
4. kenduri
5. make up
6. photographer
7. invitation card


dhiera said...

uik, berapa lama ur friend tu beli cincin before her engagement?
mine plak cincin risik yang ok padahal saiz dia lagi besar 0.5 dari cincin tunang. huhu. rasa menyesal tak amek saiz 8.5 hari tu~

picairin said...

ntah la...kalau maintain ok kot...
no worry...hehe...
wah... ur jari so comel la.. untung ur hubby to be...^^