Tuesday, November 29, 2011

291111: mission implemented (survey)

every weekend I have a mission to accomplish
ya we just can spend time together on weekend only
and this weekend our mission is 
finding suitable color for my engagement and akad nikah attire
still pening-pening lalat which colours should i choose
the darker one or lighter one 
lastly i ask the sales girl to give me sample of both colours
do not hesitate ya to ask for the sample
you have authority to choose the best
dont let them push you until you make a wrong decision
to play safe
dont bring large amount of money 
if you just want to make a survey

i have make up my mind
i choose dark brown for my engagement attire
and creamy for my akad nikah
next week we will fly to Mars
to give the color sample to his uncle
he will buy us the textile
cause as a designer he will get a special price 
so for budget b2b and g2b like us
surely we have to take this opportunity to cut our cost
you must be wondering
why dont we go there with his uncle?
kan?? kan??
coz the price will not be the same if we are there

owh ya
i think i want to share the serpihan kain here
where is my camera.???
here it is
ok..lets have a look...

ok dop?


dhiera said...

unik!! jarang orang buat warna dark brown. best ye ada uncle jadi designer~ untung r... hahaha

picairin said...

risau jugak nak amik yang warna gelap sebab mostly orang guna warna cerah or terang ya dak.. tapi maybe akan guna lace yang light kot utk menaikkan warna gelap tu.. hope tak nampak dull la majlis nanti...hopefully...hehe

dhiera said...

insyaallah tak nampak dull.
ur uncle designer kan? mesti ada experience dan pasti dia tahu macam mana nak bagi baju kamu cantik~

picairin said...

not my uncle la.. HIS uncle...uncle to be insyaALLAH...haha...