Thursday, November 24, 2011

241111: Photographer

I'll go through an engagement event insyaALLAH only once in a life time
so I hope I could capture every single moment during the historic day
I have very limited budget to hire a professional photographer
who can give me pictures from different angle
plus extra cantekkss editing 
the cheapest way to make sure i have at least a photo 
that can remind me about this special day is...
i will ask my best friend to be my photographer
ok la kan?
atleast i only have to spend money for printing
hahahahaha (gelak jahat)
wanna see her skill?
lets cuci mata bersama-sama

boleh la kan?
apa yang penting??
save budget!!!
But my problem now.. 
She might not be here on the engagement day
coz she will be back to Aussie this coming January
so I need someone else to replace her..
any volunteer???
dslr will be provided

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