Thursday, November 24, 2011

241111: engagement attire (research)

last weekend we went to Mars
met my uncle and aunt to be
actually pak teh (his uncle) is a fashion designer
we met him to get ideas about my outfit for engagement and akad nikah
and also to know how many RM should we spend for this la
actually my family have tradition
giving kain for akad nikah ceremony as engagement's dowry
so we have to decide how long kain needed 
and type of kain
at first pak teh gave us a lecture about type of kain
showed me his design for tunang+nikah+kawen
explained design that i can choose
and how many kain needed for the design
then he interviewed me to know my rough plan for my engagement event
and also my plan for akad nikah attire
lastly we make a calculation
after meeting him
i change my mind and came out with better idea for my outfit for both engagement and akad nikah 

before this i want peach for my engagement outfit
but now i decided to choose this colour

the brown colour as Datin Nor Aliah Lee's dress in this cover magazine

before this i want to make simple baju kurung with pearl bead 
but now i want modern baju kurung with lace 

i want simple + modern baju kurung like this

and for change...i want lacey tudung like picture below...

As a conclusion,
I need 3 types of kain:
1. chiffon (for engagement+akad nikah)
2. lace (engagement only)
3. lining (engagement only)

jom survey kain! =b


Asfiza said...

cantik lah warna pastel tu..:)

picairin said...

cantek kan... hope jumpa la kain warna cam tu...^^

FY said...

wahhh bestnye ada sedara designer..cun color soft brown tu...all da best cari kain cantik2 =)

dear,jom exchange link =)

picairin said...

thanks... ^^ tu la... tapi bla bertandang nanti memang xboleh pilih baju la... sbb org sponsor... ada pro n con la...=)