Sunday, December 11, 2011

101211: DATE

At 10 am 
his family visited my family at my house
after discussing 
they made a decision 
our engagement will be held on 
15th January 2012
plus minus I only have a month to settle everythings
insyaALLAH sempat

tanpa bertangguh-tangguh
i made invitation card for my close friends! 
Invitation card! checked! =)

my engagement checklist
1. engagement outfit (tempah)
2. ring (belum ambil)
3. hantaran
4. kenduri
5. make up
6. photographer
7. invitation card


dhiera said...

tak lama je lagi tu~ wink wink

picairin said...

=) hope everything going smoothly...doa2 kan tau dhiera...=)

WaTy said...

congrats babe~ :) btw i blogwalking smpai ke sini~ jauh tu~ heheh do visit mine kayh~ B2B Group 2012 juga

picairin said...

owh.insyaALLAH... thanks sebab jauh terbang hingga ke sini..hehe...