Sunday, December 25, 2011

251211: breakfast with my fiance to be

got morning sms from him asking me out for breakfast
about 7.42 he messaged me telling he has been arrived
we had our breakfast at famous nasi lemak stall in front of UniKL
at first we were just discussing about our engagement
okay just 3 weeks left before the event
as u guys can see
there are so many unchecked items in my checklist
stress tetiba

then we need to find out other discussion port
A cat was interrupted our discussion
huhu <i am cat phobia>pity me<
then continue our discussion at Alia'a stall
this time, no more about engagement
we are go through everything
including our master proposal, our big day, life after marriage 
ok sangat-sangat buat mata I terbuka luas-luas
so many things need to be think starting from now
planning to make a gantt chart, budget 2012, and checklist
as soon as possible

go back to proposal mode
then I can proceed to life planner activity

psssstttt baru tahu susahnya kahwin time belajar. Lets accept the challenges..! =)
[tiba-tiba terasa dewasa]


Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿ said...

wahh hsband pn still study gk ye? :)

picairin said...

Rina>> yup.. both belajar lagi... =)