Tuesday, December 27, 2011

271211: Kenduri

Program for the E-day

10.00 a.m : Baca Yasin (female only)
11.00 a.m : Kenduri for orang baca yasin + jiran tetangga (nasi + lauk pauk for 70 persons)
2.00 p.m   : Rombongan family Fiance To Be datang
3.30 p.m   : Sarung cincin + Picture time with his family
4.00 p.m   : Kenduri for family Fiance To Be, family and friends (mee, beehoon or kueteow for 50 persons)

InsyaALLAH we can just make a plan. but ALLAH still the only, only and only the best planner. =)

Alhamdulillah abah already booked the catering for both kenduri (lunch session + minum petang yang quite heavy session).. thanks Abah! =)

Rabbi yassir walaa tu'assir 
Rabbi tammim bil khoir
Oh ALLAH make it easy and do not make it difficult
Oh ALLAH make it end well

my engagement checklist
1. engagement outfit (tempah!)
2. ring (checked!)
3. hantaran 
4. kenduri (checked!)
5. make up
6. photographer (checked!)
7. invitation card (checked!)
8. pelamin


UyaRayza said...

aminnn~..insyaallah semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar

picairin said...

Ameen~ Thanks Uya ...=)