Thursday, June 7, 2012

070612: Floor plan solemnization

As I mentioned before, there will be no pelamin on my wedding. However, after calculating my period here, I discussed about it with mak. As we do not want to take any risk, then we decided to change the solemnization venue from masjid to our home sweet home. So, we will have a minimalist and simplest pelamin insyaALLAH. I have already studied and googled the floor plan for this event. I wanna share some of the floor plans here. I hope it can be a reference to bride to be who will have the solemnization event at their house as well. =D 

 Floor plan 1

Floor plan 2

Floor plan 3

I love all three floor plans because the photographer capable to capture the bride and bridegroom in a single shot. Oh ya! I have linked all photos here to the owners' website. Actually the floor maps above are only can be used as a guidance. We need to modify it according to our home spacious, interior design and so on. Emmm...Floor plan for my solemnization will be revealed insyaALLAH after the noble ceremony on 23rd August ya =D Assalamua'alaikum


Anis_Apis said...

Thank u dear!!! best ni ada pilihan layout for nikah..will be having my solemnization dekat rumah juga :)

picairin said...

yeay.. sama... gimme 5...hehe... ur welcome.. hope membantu la.. ^^

FY said...

FY punye mcm no 3..FY pun buat dkt rumah jugak =)

picairin said...

hehe.. saya pun inspirasi nombor 3 pnya plan tapi ada edit2 ikut kesesuaian...=D