Friday, June 8, 2012

080612: Task for Adik

Anyone remember the guestbook ideas I have shared in this blog long long ago? Those who are forget can open the three posts by clicking here, here and here. At first, I planned to make cards (idea number 2) or the tree (idea number 7). However, I find out polaroid (idea number 6) is quite interesting after seeing the polaroid guestbooks (idea number 1 + idea number 6) accidentally in internet. The spirit to have a polaroid guestbook on my wedding increase when I went to my friend's wedding last weekend. I persuaded my only younger sister to help me capture guest's picture and put it in the book. In other word, I want her to take care of the guestbook booth. She rejected my request every time I persuaded her to do so. Huh. -.-" I started feeling that the idea will not happen until last Monday, she suddenly offered to make the whole guestbook booth decorations including the guestbook. Yeay! 

Em, before I delete all the card as guestbook decoration ideas, I wanna share them with my friends here. =D I love all the ideas. But reading the notes only can make me bore easily. The photos and  guests' action insyaALLAH can keep me fresh til the last note. Haha.

This one from Martha Stewart website. Other pictures above are from 

Assalamua'alaikum! =D

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