Sunday, March 11, 2012

110312: My Theme

As I've been mentioned before, yesterday I searched fabric for my family attire. Mak requested stripe fabric for women. The three men plus one lil boy in my family will wear the plain fabric. I went to Jakel, Gulatis and ..[satu lagi kedai tak ingat nama apa..boleh tak? huhu] Unfortunately, I didn't attract to any fabric pon. HAMPA. But I already make up my mind I will choose BROWN as my theme again [oh!]. The combination might be yellow or blue. So, last night, I called mak and told her about the unsuccessful mission and luckily mak agree brown will be my theme. Yeay! About the family attire, will looking for it again next week kot. 

mode: TIRED



mashi said...

pqah..the blue combination!! cantek...hehehe

picairin said...

tapi belah syakirin maybe biru..huu