Sunday, March 18, 2012

180312: Finally the theme has been decided!!!

Yesterday, we attacked Jalan Tar again after we failed to accomplish our mission last week. Alhamdulillah I fall in love with fabrics in Harrison [terus buat kad =P]. I bought batik silky for my family members. So, as I mentioned before, my theme will be decided according to my family attire's color. =) Alhamdulillah I can proceed my next task now. Owh theme color is a combination of three colors. But I think all three colors are in same group. Mak already mentioned this combination before. =) Okay, I would like to introduce all three colours. They are......

1. Brown [as u guys already known..hehe]

source :

2. Gold [family attire is a combination of brown and gold =)]

source :

3. Cream [Mr Mars + Mrs Venus to be outfit]

Source : 

Psssssstttt amacam??? okay tak? =)

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