Wednesday, March 14, 2012

140312: The Guestbook Ideas Part II


As I've promised yesterday, lets continue the guestbook idea okay. No need to berleter blablablabla anymore. Fenat! =P 

6. Polaroid

source :
Polaroid camera is cheap but the film is expensive (for me lah!). 1 picture = almost RM1. [pengsan]

7. The tree

source :

8. Puzzles

source :

9. Sign in Plate

Source :

10. Monogram

Source :
This type of monogram can be found in shop named Just Be in The Garden. Quite pricey I heard. A letter cost RM49.90 for the big one. For standing letter cost about RM69.90. 

I will show mak all this idea. If she agree then I will decide which one will be my choice. More ideas will be shared later yah. =)


choclairissa @ intan marliana said...

cantek semuanya...macam2 idea skrg kan? :)

picairin said...

a'a rambang mata..huhu...