Tuesday, March 13, 2012

130312: The guestbook idea

Still thinking do I need a guestbook corner? Both my sis don't have this type of corner during their wedding ceremony before. Hmmm. But, it is such a trend lately. Plus it feel kinda of enjoyable reading wishes from relatives and friends. haha. The problem is how IF no one drop their wishes there.? Buat buku tebal ala buku teks tapi tak da yang ringan tangan. Gulp.Extra sadis when no one pun go to the corner. Oh noooo!!! Do I look so pessimist? huhu. Will discuss with mak dulu la (ni ja la format jawapan kau. huhu) 

For me this is not my wedding ONLY. But also my parents' feast. Most of the guests will be our relatives and their friends as well. So I don't like to make any decision by myself.Ya sometimes it become sooo complicated and difficult cause different generation have different point of view. But I'm trying hard to get win-win solution. Susah? Yerp. Sangat susah but nothing impossible. Lagipom wedding is just for 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, the relationship will be forever until Jannah insyaALLAH. So, Miss Noor Syafiqah Bt Saidun, please trying your best to satisfy everyone's heart. =)

Ok, back to the topic. =P I googled to get guestbook ideas and below is some of unique guestbook ideas especially for those who love somethings different or rare. Okay! Lets scroll down! ^.^

ok we start our journey with the ordinary ideas first ya!

1. A book

source : www.weddingaccessories.net

2. Cards

source : www.marthastewartweddings.com

Ok lets move on the rare ideas [they might be rare for me but common for you kay]

3. Fingerprints

source : www.etsy.com

4. wood block

source : imgur.com

5. Stones

source: zukashilltopbarn.blogspot.com
Anyone interested to use this idea for your wedding can go to SSF. I found this type of stone there. Nak free pegi kutip kat sungai. =P

Can I stop here? Pssssssttt I haven't finish my work yet. I will continue tomorrow InsyaALLAH ya. Stay tune! Assalamu'alaikum..


Anonymous said...

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picairin said...

InsyaALLAH =)