Monday, January 9, 2012

080112 : 1st Wedding Exhibition

Yesterday we went to our 1st wedding exhibition for this year
ok last two years kot I have attended a wedding exhibition
tapi non muslim punya version
gown ala bagai tu la
just going there to capture few pictures
but yesterday I was visited almost all booths
[i thought it was a huge wedding exhibition..but...
tuuuuuttttt.. u are wrong!deduct 10 marks!]
a promotion that captured most of my attention was a wedding card promotion
buy 1000 pieces 87 cents cards,
u will get 1000 pieces small boxes
+ 50 pieces hard cover cards for VIP
+ 50 pieces large boxes for VIP
+ 2 pieces of bunting
for free
murah tak?
we haven't made any research on this
to play safe
we decided to study about it first
and waiting for other wedding exhibition
actually we are still on the making of wedding budget
so when an OP approached us yesterday
u know what my fiance to be said?
RM1500 for an OP? 
we can spend that much of money for new TV plasma for our house to be.
ok dear, just ask our friends or relatives to capture pictures for us la
then we edit them by ourselves
buy photobook voucher (yg belambak2 jual kat groupon)
then later we buy a new TV plasma ya!

OP for 3 events maybe dah RM4500... boleh beli berapa biji ya TV plasma? =P

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