Tuesday, May 8, 2012

080512: Mapping Process

Lately most of my post here are related to wedding card. Actually I trying hard to finish making card as soon as possible because the card will be distributed before Ramadhan. As u guys known, one of the most important thing must be in the wedding card is a map. Actually there are two softwares you can download from internet to help you drawing the map. No need to buy. Just download a 60 days trial for free! =)

1. Edraw Max 

I've already linked the softwares name above to the free trial software. I hope they can ease you drawing the map. I do not try the microsoft visio because it take longer time to download. Maybe the software is quite big. Then, I just used the Edraw Max. The only problem you will get when choosing to use this software is the map will have the watermark. I used 'Paint' to get the area which I want and removed the watermark using the ''Adobe Photoshop'.

It works! =)

Till then, Assalamu'alaikum! =)


dhiera said...

map pergi rumah kau senang nak dikerjakan~ rumah saya. adoii.. pening~

picairin said...

hehe... ALhamdulillah... mudah...=) it ok Dhiera.. u can do it! heee